Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction....

This is my story.

My hope is that by sharing my story of the darkness and confusion I have walked through at a time in my life, I am able to shine a light for others as they travel their paths in life. 

June of 2011, I was a stay at home mom of two children, and the wife of a shift working, underground miner. My world was turned inside out and upside down the day my husband passed away at work. There are no words to describe those moments of receiving the news, and the moments following, as well the vast amount of decisions I was faced to make at that time.

The major trauma was the death of my husband, best friend and father of our children. As years have passed, I have insight to how many other traumas I dealt with at the time. Having a variety of people asking me for important information such as: names and contact information, location of important documents, and important decisions and wishes; all in an effort to help me at that time. The problem was I was in shock and my mind was not able to process; decisions needed to be made - important ones.

In sharing my story I hope others will understand the importance of taking the time to collect and organize their information and contacts, as well prompting people to have discussions about their wishes and making decisions when they have a clear mind. 

Accidents, sickness, and death are unpredictable and part of this journey we call life. My passion is to mentor others in creating a life of being pro-active vs. being continually reactive. 


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In re-building and creating a life moving forward I understand the key to organization, access to resources and respectable professionals; as well the need for support and accountability.  Life can be overwhelming at times and the key is to build a solid foundation and let your dreams and goals grow from there. Having key areas of my life organized and in order allows me to spend more focussed time in raising my two teenagers and the peace of mind to live my life fully!  Living life fully, for me, involves being in nature, travel, activities, photography, writing and connecting with others as I create my own legacy.

Teresa Walker

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